More Clients. Bigger Paydays. Sweeter Success.

We live in a relationship economy. WHO you know is every bit as important as WHAT you know. In Currency, Carrie Perrien Smith shares the secret to garnering the respect you deserve. It’s nice to have friends, but it’s priceless to have fans who rave about you to others. These are the people who can connect you to mentors, clients, and next steps in your career. Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy provides tools that will enable you to:

  • Build a solid business referral network using shameless self-promotion.
  • Use word power to position yourself as someone who is influential, engaging, and in high demand.
  • Deliver an unforgettable customer experience that will boost your bottom line.
  • Build a lasting brand that grows in value and leaves a legacy.
  • About the Book

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    Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy doesn't just help you maximize your network; it guides you through creating an unforgettable customer experience, build a lasting brand, and communicate more effectively.

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    About the Author

    Carrie Perrien Smith is an expert on building business relationships. She works with clients who want more clients, bigger paydays, and sweeter sucess.

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    Networking Tools

    Currency refers to a number of networking tools throughout the book. You'll find them here. We've also included links to more articles about networking, communication, customer service, and branding.

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    October 2008, Paperback
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    Carrie writes an e-zine called Effective Strategies that focuses on the needs of business owners, non-profit leaders, and corporate professionals.

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